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Your Wedding and Coronavirus


What is the future regarding weddings?

We don't know how the Omicron variant my affect gatherings, parties and weddings in 2022. 

Our advice to you is if you have your wedding booked for next year, we recommend you just double check with the venue regarding their position should we face further lockdowns or reduced sizes again for weddings. As well as your main suppliers i.e. Photographer, florist, entertainment etc. Most venues will already have a plan in place and many suppliers will do everything they can to help their couples. We all understand how difficult last year was for so many people and we helped lots of couples rearrange their weddings and ensure they still had a wonderful celebration. 

If you are hoping to get married in 2022 we recommend avoiding the winter months if possible when getting together indoors could possibly have restrictions imposed. The Spring and Summer months allow for more fresh air to circulate or outdoor weddings to take place.


When you make your bookings make sure there are clauses in your contract in case the wedding has to be postponed due to Coronavirus related issues with many postponements from 2020 and 2021 weddings you may need to be flexible regarding the venue or the day of the week you get married. 

We appreciate this may seem daunting but if you need any help we can be by your side to offer support and guidance.  You don't need to book a whole wedding planning package with us we can offer supplier sourcing help only or just give you some partial wedding planning advice. 

We are very flexible and are happy to talk or message you whenever suits you. 

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Small Wedding Package in Colchester
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