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What does the 15 people only restriction mean for weddings?


Weddings in England in a 'covid secure venue' have been restricted now to just 15 people meaning the Bride, Groom and 13 guests.

What is a covid secure venue? This is a venue who have undergone all the safety requirements to reduce transmission and keep both staff and customers safe.  It also means that weddings at home or in the garden are not in a covid secure venue and should not go ahead. 

So what can you do? 


if you can speak to your venue and postpone the date then that is one option, however not all your suppliers may be available for your the new date, but we can help you with that. Also bearing in mind that there may be a second wave at the end of 2020 into the beginning of 2021 consider this, as you don't want to have to postpone it again.

Alternatively, you can have a very intimate wedding ceremony, with or without a live streaming platform and then postpone the reception and have a big party with all your family and friends at a later date. We have just planned a socially distanced micro-wedding for 13 guests with just 12 days notice - so anything is possible!

We are happy to talk to couples who are facing this dilemma and see how our services can be of help. 


We are introducing a new Special Small Wedding Package for bijou or micro-weddings in Colchester while the Covid-19 restrictions are in place.  This package is for up to 15 guests and includes the reception venue, catering, brides bouquet, buttonholes, table flowers, room decor, photographer, wedding cake, full wedding planning services and overnight accommodation on the wedding night for the Bride and Groom all for a reasonable fixed price. Upgrades or additions including live streaming are also available.  If you would like details please see more here.

If this is successful we aim to replicate it in other towns. If this is something you would be interested in but in another location please get in touch. 


Please Note: Weddings are not currently allowed during Lockdown but we can discuss future weddings with you.

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