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What will your Wedding look like post Covid-19

Whether you’ve already had to postpone or cancel your wedding, or your partner proposed in lockdown, making headway on your wedding plans as we come out of the lockdown is unlikely to be a walk in the park.

Inevitably, you may find yourself without a number of your suppliers as small businesses struggle to stay afloat. This is where a Wedding planner can help take away the emotional strain of having to negotiate with suppliers and venues in a strained economy which cold prove too much for many bridal couples on their own.

Without the personal attachment to the big day and boasting a wealth of experience, a wedding planner will help with the tough decisions make the necessary judgement calls to get your big day on the way.

A lot of weddings will have to reschedule in an already popular 2021 wedding season. This will mean, not only will most Saturdays be booked up with nuptials, but there will be more and more opportunities for weekday weddings to avoid an even longer delay to your big day.

Given that the risk of infection is known to be higher in enclosed spaces while open air and outdoor gatherings are safer, outdoor weddings are likely to see greater popularity to adhere to social distancing advice and keep your guests safe so be creative with your venue decisions, ask your planner to come up with soe different ideas to give you space to keep our guests safe. In addition, even after the pandemic ends, virtual wedding planning and live-streamed weddings will remain common.

Part of our Wedding service is a complimentary wedding website, where you can share everything from your love story to an online RSVP, your wedding list to common questions that guests may ask from health and safety measures to dress codes and whether face masks are required.

Weddings will inevitably change as we move forward but remember it is still your day and you need to make sure you get to celebrate it the way you want to.

If you want to talk through your options, please get in touch.


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