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Why I offer a free consultation for Wedding Planning & Events

Whether it is for a Wedding or a Special Event, I strongly believe in offering a free, no obligation chat to anyone considering my services and the reason I offer this is because you are about to put a your event or your wedding into the hands of a stranger.

By meeting, whether under current social distancing requirements or online, it gives you the chance to see if you feel comfortable working with me on your wedding day or event. Hopefully eventually we can meet up in person over a coffee and cake or even a glass of bubbly as the event approaches.

I can also advise you at this point whether I think you need a full planning service or what aspects we could put into a bespoke package to suit you, your budget, your family and what you want for the day.

In addition, if relevant, I will also tell you if I think that you don’t need my services or if I think I am not the best planner for you and your vision. Your needs and requirements are the priority.

You can ask all the questions you might have about what a planner can do and what perhaps you want to do, we can discuss any areas that are particularly stressful, like family members who don’t get on and I can explain how I can manage that for you. This free chat is an opportunity to see whether a wedding or event planner is for you.

It is important to me that we understand what is required and that I can do everything you expect me to. I would rather tell you at the start that it is not possible or equally as important, if I think what you want me to do is not viable on your budget.

So why not get in touch to have a chat, just email let me know what your availability is and hopefully we can start this amazing adventure together.


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